When doing project management or managing agile projects, Jira, a market-leading enterprise solution is often the chosen tool. Jira can help manage stories, workflows, custom fields, and reporting.

Testing is an important part of any project lifecycle as it ensures the quality of the product being delivered.

Testing too can be managed in Jira but Jira was never built for test management. So how does an organization go about managing the entire project in Jira — how can you combine Jira and test management?

A good news and a bad.

Good news, Jira has the ability to host apps and…

What makes AIO Tests the fastest growing test management app on Jira

AIO Tests — intuitive test management app on Jira

AIO Tests, one of the youngest test management apps on Jira, released in June 2020, has been rated as the fastest growing test management app in Jira.

With a plethora of test management options in Jira, let’s see what makes AIO Tests stand out on the Jira marketplace.

  1. Simplicity : AIO Tests was launched with one mantra, making test management a quick and simple experience. With its zero setup time and intuitive navigation, we promise to get you started in no time.
  2. Value : AIO Tests, while intended…

Why is Traceability important?

Traceability allows you to trace your requirements through a quality process ensuring you are delivering what was agreed upon in the requirements. It is a key element for managers to monitor throughout the project.

A project’s requirements need to be validated through testing. Traceability can be achieved by linking your requirements to test cases. This makes traceability a key performance indicator (KPI) of the project.

AIO Tests

Rated 4/4 on Jira. Jira-native test management app covering entire QA lifecycle with Test Cases, Cycles, Reports, Automation and much more

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